Loman Group was founded by Dan Loman in early 2023 to manage a growing portfolio of native and web app businesses.



Loman Group believes that the businesses it owns, and technology in general, should exist to help you and your customers acheive your goals faster, easier, and more efficiently. Further, we believe the technology should fade to the background as much as possible, helping you forget about it, and get back to living your life.

We believe in technology products which improve lives, while at the same time get out of the way and let users get back to the things that matter.


  1. Our properties are in business to do good for the world.
  2. We don’t support generating revenue by tapping into addictive usage patterns — our properties are extremely useful, but ultimately want to get out of your way.
  3. We utilize technology to acheive the previously unattainable or to drastically improve the existing tooling.

Properties of Interest

If a business aligns with our principles above, we may be interested in acquiring it. We have several other criteria we will use to screen properties before considering any more formal discussions.

Low Maintenance

We are currently a small operation, and as such, we don’t possess a wealth of resources for maintaining our portfolio. The businesses we are interested in:

  • Require little maintenance: Ideally they should fit within the team’s areas of expertise for ease of maintainability.
  • Have minimal support needs: We strive to produce the highest levels of customer support for those who need us, but want to operate businesses which are almost entirely self sufficient.

High Margin

Profitability is important for our small team. Costs should be predicatable and the revenue generated should far exceed associated costs. We provide high-value to our customers, so we believe the margin should reflect that.


Because our portfolio and team is still small, we don’t believe we are the best fit for acquiring large businesses. We may reevaluate this in the future, but for the time being, we are only interested in small- to medium-sized businesses.